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One Year Ago?

Minty lipped obsessions.

Name one thing you cannot go without, ever?


Mint Lip Gloss.

I hate lip-stick. 

I don't want on my face:  painted lips that are starting to wear off, or lips that are dried out with crusty lip goop on the sides or chunkage on the ridges.  Nor, do I want to see anyone else with this problem.  The cure for this?  Wiping off and reapplying regular lipstick all day long.  Stupid.  Waste of money, and for most of the mom-crowd, "WTF? No way."  On Super Special Occasions, I'll wear lip color - but it's still going to be lip GLOSS, not stick.  But, any other day - I use any variation of clear or slightly pink colored lip glosses, especially FLAVORS!

After weight loss surgery, a lot of down time is spent not-eating or trying to keep yourself from feeling icky from eating too much, eating too fast, or any other reason that you might not feel your best. Mints- sugar free of course - are a huge must-have after WLS, and after meals.

I have this quirk, that I must either brush my teeth or have a mint or gum after a meal that has spice or taste, actually.  I am hugely effected by smells, tastes, textures and the "Feel" of food in my small stomach.  Mints in my mouth and ON my lips effect me positively - and make me feel better, especially if I've eaten one bite too much and have to take some deep breaths and let the food settle. 

I think you know what I mean.

So, what do I like?

My favorite?!  Philosophy - Empowermint Lip Shine.  By far.  The best, that I've tried, anyway.  Delicious smell, flavor, and it looks great - super shiny and perfectly clear.  I receive THE MOST comments on that variety of lip gloss while wearing it.  (Don't try sending me any - it's "unavailable."  Boo.)  Last time, I got it on eBay - but it's too expensive after "shipping."

The newest almost favorite?  C.O. Bigelow's Mentha Lip-Shine.  Found at Bath + Body works, right now it's 2/$10.   It's not as good as the previous, but, it's tasty, smells delightful, and it's slightly cheaper.  It dries out faster, and requires a lot more applications and wipe offs, but, it's a decent runner-up.

What about you?  Mints?  Minty lip gloss?  I'm sorry boys, what about you too?

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