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Kraft South Beach Living Dark Chocolate Soy Nuts Snack Pack Delights

"Get your crunch on with our new Dark Chocolate Covered Soy Nuts Snack Pack Delights.

Made with dark chocolate and crunchy soy nuts, each serving has protein and fiber."


That was enough for me to read, I didn't even flip read the package's nutrition information, I just saw the "100 Calorie" part on the front of the box and tossed it in the cart because I knew that even if I couldn't eat it because I'm a freak of nature - it would be perfectly okay for the kids - because the Kraft "South Beach" line of products are all generally wholesome choices with balanced carbs, protein, fats and fiber.

Since having weight loss surgery I have been a fan of soy, in all forms, including soy nuts.  It has become a staple in my diet.  Soy nuts, are the smallest portion of this, because they are generally the snackiest option, but they are so good.  If you haven't tried them post-op, you really should, plain salted soy nuts, yum. 

Now, South Beach Living has dipped the suckers in dark chocolate to make us absolutely nuts.  I don't even have to really go there with this review, because they don't need me to - they will sell them anyway, it's K-r-a-f-t. 

So.  That's my review. Kraft doesn't need my pimpin'.  Now I'm going to swear at my box of soy nuts. 

Freaking soy nuts.  How you tempt me so.  You are cloaked in such delicious dark chocolate, but in such a small bag?  I know, you must keep your girlish figure, and your 100 svelte calories, but I want MORE. 

Realistically, these are a decent snack for a long-term post-WLS'er with 100 calories and 6 grams of sugar, if you can handle the sugar.   My personal upper limit of sugar in one sitting is about 10 grams, but 6 is a REALLY good place to STOP.  So these, are pretty perfect.

I only ate three actual soy nuts just now, to physically taste the little nuts of joy (you see, I'm in a pattern!) for this review - but you better believe these could easily replace peanut M & M's.  EASILY.  I hate making candy references in my reviews, but as a former chocolate addict I am always on the lookout for low sugar or no sugar alternatives (and low sugar alcohol or no sugar alcohol) to the real thing - and having had the misfortune of eating even just a small bag of real M & M's over the weekend, next time, it's  South Beach Dark Chocolate Soy Nuts when I get a serious nutty-chocolate jones'ing. 

These would do it.  I sent two out of three children to school with WLS review snacks today, actually.  I tried to give them all soy nuts, but they BEGGED for my next review snack.  :x  So, that's what they got.  It wasn't the fucking popcorn.


  • Product - South Beach Living Dark Chocolate Covered Soy Nuts
  • Purchased - Wal*Mart
  • Price - Not that much.
  • Pros - 100 calorie packs, good alternative to typical candy, good for travel, throw it in your bag.  If you didn't catch it, I loved these.
  • Cons - Would prefer even less sugar, excess packaging.
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, kidworthy.
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