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Celebrate Bariatric Supplements Multivitamin Chewable Mandarin Orange

This product line of weight loss surgery supplements is new to me, I clicked a link in an email, and I was taken by overwhelming happiness graphics at:   Celebrate Bariatric Supplements

Because you are already here, you know I am not a glitter and rays of sunshine blowing out of your arse kind of girl, and the photos at the Celebrate website made me giggle spontaneously, AND enough, to email and ask for samples:


I had to, it's just my nature.  I apologize.  Problem is, the samples came for my review, and I am enjoying everything I have tried so far.  I always start this stuff, hoping for the worst.  And, sometimes, the stuff I get in my hot little hands - really does SUCK - and when it does - I write about it.  (But, sometimes, it's only a half-suck and I don't bother writing about it.  In fact, I have two protein bar wrappers sitting here in a GNC bag waiting for the review, because they just weren't GOOD or BAD enough for a whole review, you know?) 

So, you know something is worth it or is really, really suck when I sit down and am motivated enough to do it, because I have no follow through.

They are by Celebrate Bariatric Supplements, a chewable multivitamin formula, in mandarin orange flavor.  The stats are below.  Of course I have to suggest you compare them to other bariatric vitamins.  I am going to make a Google Doc later breaking down the stats of these as compared to my Bariatric Advantage Vites and maybe some more generic vites that I have in the house.

The taste?  Quite like other orange cream based chewable vitamins, but WAY SWEETER, creamier, and smoother.  No gritty texture like other drugstore brands, which is a huge plus.  I happen to LIKE the taste of most vitamins, including ones that other people complain about... if you happen to be a whiner? 

These might be palatable to YOU THERE IN THAT CATEGORY, even those of you taking Gummy Flintstones.  I see you.  Try these.  They are GOOD.



  • Product - Celebrate Mulitvitamin Chewables Mandarin Orange
  • Purchased -
  • Price - $15.95 for a 30 day supply
  • Pros - Great taste, smooth texture, good for whiny brats that won't take their vitamins, avoiding vitamin deficiencies, perhaps, being so freaking happy about taking supplements, yadda yadda yadda, and, no sugar.  AFFORDABLE!
  • Cons -Um...
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM.
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