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crocs confession.

I find crocs shoes not. that. pretty.  That's that nice way of saying hideous.  When I was asked to take a pair to review - I wanted to say "no."  In fact, I did at first, I asked to do a giveaway.  Then I looked that the website and thought, "Well, maybe, juuuust maybe."

Since it was for National Diabetes Month, absolutely. 

People.  I got a pair of black crocs, and those suckers have not left my feet in days.  I guess that's the review.  They feel amazing.  My only complaint is that they are way too big for my feet.  I ordered a size 8.5 in womens, and these are from the crocsrx line, and they run large for medical conditions, of which I do not have any, other than tingly-Topamax feet. 

I won't be swapping out my high-heeled boots for these any-time soon (which I wear like once every three weeks if ever anyway, just sayin')  but for every day around the house comfort, you bet.  If you have achy feet, these are meant for you.

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