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Building Blocks Multiple Chewable Vitamin for Gastric Bypass

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As comparsion, another bariatric chewable vite:

Building Blocks vitamins produces a full-line of bariatric supplementation*.  Today I am trying the Building Blocks Multiple Chewable Vitamin in Mixed Berry.


I opened the package and did the sniff test - surprised to smell a berry aroma - because the tablets themselves are not pink/purple, they're much like other vitamins and a variegated neutral color. (I have a little PTSS about chewing neutral colored vites -- they usually taste like what they look like.)

Chewing the vitamin, it broke down quite smoothly, not much of a grit to it at all, leaving no trace of little vitamin crumbs in my teeth.  It tastes slightly sweet, and has a creamy berry flavor.  I haven't got much of an aftertaste now either, which is great.  There is a tiny bit of vitamin taste -- which is to be expected -- but not at all unpleasant.


"Building Blocks Multiple chewable has been formulated specifically for gastric bypass patients and is comprised of key vitamin and minerals in levels that have been reported to maintain proper health following weight loss surgery.

A complete multivitamin and mineral supplement formulated to supply the vital nutrients needed after gastric bypass surgery which include vitamin B-12, thiamin, and folate in amounts that have been reported to prevent deficiencies. With a great mixed berry flavor, you will forget that this is good for you!"

You can get FREE SAMPLES from Building Blocks at this link.

  • Product - Building Blocks Multiple Chewable Vitamin
  • Via-  www.bbvitamins.com
  • Price - $18.95 a month/cheaper with auto-ship/$100 for free shipping
  • Pros - Chewable, tastes good, no grit, little aftertaste, quite affordable.
  • Cons - Two tablets per day
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM.

*'ll be posting reviews of the entire line as I try them.

Here's BTV with Michelle from BBvitamins.com!

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