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Focus28 Vegetable Cheese Omelet

I think Mr. is still on a "diet."  He actually went to work this morning with three baggies of protein powder, and made a couple of scrambled eggs for breakfast.  I looked, contemplated, and could not do it.  No eggs for me.  I just cannot eat plain eggs.  It's a texture thing, I know.

I can eat quiche!  If it's filled with more cheese than eggs!  :x  I can eat egg sandwiches!  If I pull most of the egg off!

I know this sounds crazy - but I can eat this:
Picture 5
I know, right?  I have to admit I was entirely skeptical, because #1 I don't like eggs, and #2 A packaged egg-like product?  I was very surprised that it was GOOD.  Who knew?
Photo 3
But, it's one of the products on the Focus 28 program, and I could definitely eat it again.  It's a packaged mix that you mix with water and microwave, it puffs up and makes a little eggy omelet.  You could also pan fry it in cooking spray. It makes a savory breakfast (or anytime) bariatric food containing 12 grams of protein, only 90 calories, no trans fat and low cholesterol.

I mixed the product with water and cooked it in the microwave.  The result was a cute puffy egg dish, it smelled good, it contains cheese and spices.  I ate it plain, ( I might suggest adding it to a low-carb tortilla for a roll up, with salsa...if you're further out from surgery like me!) and it was tasty!  Some online reviews have suggested adding a tiny bit more water to make a more scrambled egg texture if you want.  I might even add a little spoonful of salsa to the mix next time.
 Photo 4
As an early post-op starting in the soft foods phase, this product is a super choice to get in some protein.  Back when I was a new post-op, I knew nothing about bariatric-specific foods and plans, I lived on string cheese.  I wish I knew about choices! 

  • Product - Vegetable Cheese Omelette
  • Via - Focus28
  • Price - $1.42 per serving/7 per box
  • Pros - Easy to carry, easy to make, 12 grams of protein, low fat, low cholesterol, great for early post ops, quite filling.
  • Cons - Longer term post ops might want to add to it.
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM.

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