Dark chocolate every day may improve the metabolic response of people who report feeling highly stressed.

The most embarrassing weight related product I've heard about.

A super cool scale that is totally WIFI and can upload your weight and body stats to the computer -- now can TWEET YOUR WEIGHT to the interwebs?  WHAT?  How embarrassing!  How, NEAT!

I have to be totally honest here.  I. would. use. this.  In this blogging world, particularly in the world of weight-loss blogging, a tool like a scale that can't lie would kick my fat ass into hardcore rule following.  I get that it's so invasive, but, hell, you'd have to CHOOSE to use it in that way.  Those of us who are already oversharing with the world, weight is just another Tweet to Tweet.

From the LA Times:

Last month, we let you know about the Wi-Fi Body Scale, the first bathroom scale equipped with a wireless connection to send your weight and body fat information directly to your Web page and iPhone.

But weight, there's more.

Today the French company behind the scale, Withings, announced it has added Twitter capability to the scale, enabling the user to automatically tweet the weight/fat info to followers.

In a news release, Withings declared the Twitter function would be a great help to users, "further motivating them by sharing their progress with followers."


What's next for Withings? An app to let the Twitterverse know how much debt you're carrying? How about a public questionnaire to rate how far you are from achieving your life dreams?

Come to think of it, either might be preferable to letting the weight info hit Twitter. This is Los Angeles.

Okay, fine.  But I still think it's cool.

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