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Happy Shiny Unicorns And Sparkly Fun Love Time!

Happy Shiny Unicorns And Sparkly Fun Love Time?

"You hate me."

"You never let me do anything."

Happy School Vacation Everybody -- I hope you're having just as much fun as I am.  Of the TWO phone calls I had today -- I was embarrassed during, oh, BOTH.  

This is why I don't get on the phone -- and cannot imagine how those of you who DO work at home -- like with Real Adult Conversations?  get it done without locking your children outside.

I am on the phone with a Super Company Who Sells Things That MM Would Love To Share With You, and all hell breaks loose.

I try to hang up pleasantly and without too much noise, and realize the wind has taken a box of cardboard and scattered it all over the yard.  I go out and get freezer burns on my fingers while a child gets on the phone and gets herself invited to 'iceskatingrightnowbutIhavetogorightnow' while I am knee deep in trash, in my pajamas, while she is still hyperventilating from crying the first time.  

I say, "No.  Not today.  Tell her thank you."  The end, right?  HA. Not here.  I explain to her, I am not dressed, the baby is sleeping, I can't just GO right now.  You've never been skating before, and Today? you're going to start with someone's mom I have never met?!  No.  Not after THAT drama.  Sorry.

Then, it's the "you hate me, this is why everybody hates you" game.  Locks herself in the bathroom, I kick her out because she starts banging the wall.  Up to your room, and then the wailing continues.  

"I hate everyyyyybodyyyyyyyy!

Good that's 50% of my children that hate me today -- and at least two from the interwebs that now think I live in an asylum.

It's pretty close.  Can I haz job now?

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