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elements therapeutic massage in Plymouth, MA

Several months ago, coincidentally on the day I left Tristan at preschool for the first time, I got a massage at elements therapeutic massage in Plymouth, Massachusetts off of RTE 3 S EXIT 5, NOT "elements, the salon" at EXIT 6.  Please know that.

While there, I was tempted coerced, really... the woman was adamant... into signing up for auto-debit for six months worth of services, for a Cheaper Price that day.  And, $59 was a lot better to me than $79.  I never went back.  Tristan also did not go back to school.  Among the things that were important, I could not validate the cost of massages and school.

I never gave it another thought, in fact after paying for that session?  I never thought about it again until today.

When the manager of this location called my house to collect on services not rendered.  She wants payment for November, December and January plus a cancellation fee.  Thanks.  I was calmly telling her that I truly did not plan to go back - in fact that bank account is not in service - and no we do not have a credit card to pay her, we're BROKE, thanks!

She started amplifying.  I asked her to speak with Bob, as it was his personal debit card that I used for that massage.  She claimed fraud, because?  I used his debit card.  That and, she wants her money, TODAY.  NOW.  LIKE IN, NOW.  BECAUSE I HAD FRAUD-ED HER SALON OF ALL THIS MONEY AND OMG I AM A LOSER.

That's lovely, but I don't have any money.  And, as soon as she began escalating on Bob's ear, it got Very Loud.  

There was yelling.  There was YELLING.  

She pulled the loser card, telling Bob, "I CAN TELL WHAT KIND OF PERSON YOU ARE!"  And legal threats. And you suck.  And... I leave the room.

Now, please to know she's in a MASSAGE studio, with aromatherapy and candles.  SCREAMING at Bob.

I'm on this side adding up the lost revenue on her side because I did not go back - "Three massages that I never got, and a cancellation fee? That's what, $200 total, MAYBE?"  (And, no I don't have it.)

Then, considering that I owe thousands and thousands more than THAT -- I am dumbfounded by her intensity.  I have never, ever heard this type of bill collection before. 

Let me repeat how much DEBT I have/had vs. how much "DEBT" this phone call was regarding.

$200? vs. youcannotpossiblyimagine.  Okay?

I have a new appreciation for the collectors who have been nice to us.

State of Massachusetts Debt Collection Law:

The creditor communicates with the alleged debtor in such a manner as to harass or embarrass the alleged debtor, including, but not limited to communication at an unreasonable hour, with unreasonable frequency, by threats of violence, by use of offensive language, or by threats of any action which the creditor in the usual course of business does not in fact take.
This, is wholly embarrassing.  Posting it, very.  And what's worse, is that we're one degree of Facebook separated from this woman, and it could have been fixed IMMEDIATELY and WITHOUT DRAMA, but she didn't allow for that.

Update:  And, you won't believe this.  O-o  Bob called the salon back to leave a message.  The woman called back and said, AND I QUOTE  because it's unbelievable:  

"That's ok Robert, I will have the owner call.  I don't have the time to deal with low lives which is what you and your wife obviously are."

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