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 We're here at fitbloggin' in a "How to Pitch to Traditional Media" thing, session. So, this really isn't my thing, and I finally got the internet on, so HI!  I'm going to link you to Andrea's post about yesterday HERE, because I am have supreme difficulty typing on this laptop.

Today, we began by skipping the 5K.  Win! 

A breakfast sponsored by Quaker Oats, in which I ate Andrea's protein bread.  Because, I do not eat oatmeal, under any circumstances.  I was nearly clotheslined by a non English speaking hotel staff member by crossing convention lines toward a toaster.  

The first session was an inspirational-type sales pitch and it was, inspirational?

Then, a session about putting accurate research out there and good solid food science.  This is GOOD STUFF, GOOD MEATY INFO.  But, ironically, the room was empty, as most of the attendees were in the How To Write For SEO Session.  Which, of course I was torn, I wanted to see both, so I have read that podcasts will be up of ALL SESSIONS for all to see/hear.

We had a lovely lunch, except as usual I showed up too late and most was snarfed up, but the Marriott Baltimore can cook!  

Later, a session on going from blog to book.  Writing a book and pitching it to publishers.  This, terrifying to me as I am not a writer.  But, listened, and was pretty impressed to hear stories of those who have gone from blog to book.  Great advice though -- you CAN NOT simply take blog posts to write your blog.  You must have FRESH POLISHED CONTENT that has not been previously been discussed entirely on the blog.

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We also had a session regarding blog monetization, the room was packed.  Most of the bloggers are interested in making a little money from their blogs, already are, or are totally torn about the issue.  The general feeling seems that most everybody wants to, but hasn't got a clue how to start.  

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 However, it seems that most bloggers quit before they start really earning anything worthwhile or building a presence online anyway.  We got some great ideas, many of which I have been learning from simply reading, you guessed it: blogs! 

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The closing keynote was from David Grotto, RD, whose books I will be discussing soon.  Here's David, myself (don't) and PastaQueen! Jeanette Fulda.

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The closing reception sponsored by JELLO and a couple of JELLO girls whom were very into product photography and themselves with the JELLO Mousse?  O-o  Kraft?  Seriously?  Yeah. 

This, however is not.

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(I made a new blog friend.)

Positives -

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