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Bariatric Advantage ProGo Protein Elixir

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This is a bit embarrassing.

Bariatric Advantage sent me samples of this product, the ProGo Protein Elixir.  

It's NEW and SHINY!  



Three times.  At least.

I kept putting the bottles up with my other protein and vitamin samples, procrastinating about this review.  Then, I went to ASMBS and saw it all over the place, avoided.  Why? 

It's clear that I am suffering from Post Traumatic Protein Syndrome.  I have ingested some very traumatic protein products -- and often the clear fruity concoctions are the worst offenders.  I just kept putting the samples away.  "I'll try that later."  

But, then I went to the Obesity Help Event in Seattle and my life changed.  I was force-fed this product.  NO LIE.  Look at my distress!  I am distressed.  Hold me.

The Very Influential Sales Representatives from Bariatric Advantage brought me several taste tests of this... ProGo Protein Elixir.

"Try this, come on."  They were like Girl Scouts -- I couldn't say no!  I tried.  In fact, I did say no, and told them that I had received samples and was squirreling them away for later reviews.  I shared that I was afraid of clear protein products, or shots, in these small quantity servings with high protein, that I'd had some seriously awful ones before.

First -- I was given the shot straight.  Let's look at what's in it:

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A decent hit of protein, low calories, just two carbohydrates, Vitamin D3, and B12.

As always, I took a swig of the product as-is, to get the full on flavor.  (I am doing it again right now for the reaction.)  

"Just mix this great flavored elixir with a cup of water and get a boost to your daily protein intake. Protein Elixir is great to take on the go and makes an enjoyable and refreshing beverage."

The ProGo comes in two flavors - Berry and White Grape.  

  • There are 2 ounce bottles, which are awesome for new patients who must bring clear protein choices with them when they go out.  Or, for plane travel.  
  • There are two servings per small bottle.  
  • Also available, a 16 ounce bottle.

The White Grape smells like a super tart grape juice.  It tastes like "HOLY CRAP THAT'S A GRAPE?!" with a side of KICK YOUR ASS.  

I won't admit that I mentioned the immediate addition of a l c h o h o l to this particular product.  But.  Yeah.  Wow.  Hello mouth, meet grape.

The Berry flavor smells like super tangy berries, and I had the same reaction plus "WHOA."  

When the Bariatric Advantage guys noted my -

Shocked-face face...

...they fixed me a new shot.   And, then I realized, you don't necessarily SLAM THESE DOWN, but you can if you like them. 

  • If you ADD the ProGo to ice cold water, it tastes a bit like a Propel-type drink. You can alter the intensity to your liking.  I'm adding a shot to a bottle of water, with about 1/3-1/2 packet of sugar-free flavor drink mix.  It might be Baja Bob's Margarita mix.  Because I am digging the tang.  Oh yes, much better.  Liiick.
  • The BA guys added this flavor to some HOT TEA WATER for me -- and BOOM - instant PROTEIN TEA, which is hereby dubbed, "ProTea, MM."   I sucked this one DOWN.   I much preferred it warm, go figure, it makes no sense whatsoever, but I loved it.

Amino Acid Profile -

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  • Product - Bariatric Advantage ProGo Protein Elixir
  • Price - $ 23.95 for 16 servings - $1.49 per
  • From - Bariatric Advantage -- Samples for review, thank you.
  • Pros - Easy to transport, add to water, no preparation, no need for anything, no milk, no sugar, easy to sip on, clear protein...and Kosher.
  • Cons - Slamming back a protein concentrate makes you go "WHOA."  
  • It is a hydrolyzed collagen product, which has been controversial in the weight loss surgery community.  There is limited research on it's benefits, but has been known to help hair, skin, nails, and connective tissues in restoration... also gaining and maintaining lean muscle mass
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM
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