Binge Eating Officially Defined As A Mental Disorder
Motivation for losing weight? Aw, hell no.

Backwards NSVs

I have a friend up for the weekend -- who is also a Bariatric patient.  She said to me yesterday, loosely translated:  "Being with you, I walk more than I ever do, and eat better than I ever do."

ME.  THAT BAD, BAD, INFLUENCE.  (Or so it's believed.)  The Founder Of The Bariatric Bad Girls Club.

So.  Shut up.  Shut up, shut up, shut up.  

Someday you will realize it's NOT about The Cupcake.  

It is about giving the finger to the "rules."  

I can, and I WILL use a straw, honey.  For example:  I can, and I WILL, have a Diet Coke.  I can, and I WILL, not wait ten minutes between bites, because I can, and I am NOT a compulsive binger.  I realize, that may not the case for all, but it is for me, and each person needs to do what works FOR THEM.  Rules are made to be broken -- or in the least -- molded to fit accordingly.  

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