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Whey Protein NOT Soy Protein Helps Weight Loss

Booty shaking leads to excessive sleepiness


Obvious comment is obvious. Don't say it.  Let me tell you WHY I posed -- the SUN does not EXIST in Seattle, WA.  This happened on the way to dinner, and I literally DID rejoice, "SUN! MR. SUN!"

I left Seattle yesterday evening around 10:30pm, and got home today about 10am.  

I feel as if there is a day missing here somewhere, and I just realized it's Monday, not Sunday.  It could be that yesterday was an entirely "wasteful" day of eating, sitting, playing on an iPad, watching TV and relaxing.  Like I mentioned on Facebook, it could have been worse.  <g>

I was going to clean up my bags and go to bed, but then I wouldn't sleep tonight.  Instead, I got the laundry going, unpacked and cleaned up the house and now you get the ramblings of a girl who hasn't slept much since...when?  I don't know, it wasn't last night!  I over-dosed on PM meds and was napping in fits and twitches for the flight.  "Nighttime" OTC medications do not help me.
267017_2084051675139_1660557569_2142322_3257114_o (1)

I know I didn't sleep before 4am on Saturday either.  It started out so lovely, the Obesity Help evening event:  wherein we sang karaoke like fools, took these photobooth pictures and danced until we sweat through our clothes. 


After we were clearly the only people left in the ballroom, and hotel staff were on the way to clear us out, a few of us took off to find somewhere to go.  We found a live band downstairs in the hotel bar and chilled there until the dancing started again.  Nothing like a cover band, to get your booty shaking.  Whatever you hear, it's all true, and I was sober.  

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Body by Slimpressions, not going to lie.


Posts about the event to come, and a couple product wins.

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