Bariatric Surgery = increased likelihood of ALCOHOLISM.
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TRY Wellesse B-12 Fast Absorbing Sublingual Liquid

Wellesse B-12 Fast Absorbing Sublingual Liquid


 Wellesse B-12 Fast Absorbing Sublingual Liquid -

  • 1000 mcg
  • Calibrated Dropper, Easily Adjusted Dosage
  • Natural Berry Flavor
  • Naturally Sugar Free with Stevia
  • Gluten Free

B12 is an essential B Vitamin that plays a role in the entire nervous system, promotes energy metabolism and supports healthy heart function. B12 is a key contributor to the body's proper use of iron. B12 becomes increasingly important with age with risk of decreased absorption which can lead to deficiencies in both B12 and Folic Acid.


The ASMBS  (2010) explains that after gastric bypass surgery vitamin B12 deficiency may result in consequence of food no longer coming in contact with gastric intrinsic factor. Vitamin D and calcium absorption may also be reduced since the duodenum and proximal jejunum, which are the preferential sites of absorption, are bypassed by this procedure. Also, life long supplements of multivitamins, vitamin B12 iron and calcium are mandatory following this procedure.

I'm not a professional, I'm just a patient, but I understand it as this:  The biggest problem is that gastric bypass patients no longer have the abilty to absorb the B12 from food due to the lack of acid in the new stomach pouch.  Our bodies have some B12 stored away, but it can run out and leave us with a deficiency.

B12 deficiency can cause pernicious anemia.  You don't want this, the effects of pernicious anemia can be life-long if you do not catch it in time.


Screen Shot 2012-02-10 at 2.19.28 PM


Via - Bariatric Times, May 2010

You need to take your B12.  Surgeons and nutritionists often recommend a sublingual B12 product, because it's one of the best ways to get the vitamin into your system, and sometimes post-ops need injections of B12 if the oral route is not sufficient.

B12 is also known to give you energy -- it's found in energy drinks and other products to help give you a BOOST.  Or wings?


Wellesse's Sublingual B-12 comes in a  2 ounce bottle, with 60 doses of 1000 mcgs of B-12, or 16,667% of the good stuff.  The extra 16,567% is for good measure.

The product label -

Screen Shot 2012-02-10 at 2.28.32 PM

I shook up the bottle, peeled off the outerwrapping, and sucked out a dose of the B12 with the attached dropper.  For the purposes of the review, I played with the product first, because that's what I do.  I sniff, play and take photos.  The liquid is bright red, clear and has a touch of thickness to it.   While the cover was off, I sniffed the product, which smells like a berry based fruit punch.


Perfect.  Unless you do what I just did to it.  "Mama, can I paint wis your vitamins now?"



  • Product - Wellesse B-12 Fast Absorbing Sublingual Liquid
  • Via - Wellesse
  • Price -  $9.99 or .17 cents per dose for 60 days!
  • Coupon - Click on the COUPON tab while you're there to find a $2.00 off coupon!
  • Pros - 1000 mcg of B12 per ml, sugar-free, lightly sweetened with Stevia + Erythritol, simple to take, tastes great, relatively inexpensive...
  • Cons -  The five year old wants to paint with it.  The 5th grader in me wants to crack inappropriate jokes.
  • Rating - Pouchworthy, MM

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